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What is OHPR and How Can They Help Me?

Mans hands taking notesOHPR is an evidence-focused healthcare team integrating conventional and complementary medicine under one roof in our custom facility. Our team currently offers the following services—medical services with our Nurse Practitioner, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage therapy, cupping, and more.

A Patient-Centred Approach

Our goal is to get patients better, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Collaboration is key to achieving the best results for you. With your consent, we may discuss cases with other practitioners to find solutions for your problem.

We focus on your well-being at all times. There are various ways you may experience this, including

  • Our therapists work with patients on a 1-to-1 basis from start to finish. We don’t hand you off to assistants or leave you unattended on a machine.
  • In-house communication reduces the time patients spend on explanations and helps build rapport with our various practitioner
  • Support for acute musculoskeletal injuries every step of the way
  • Diagnosing and jump-starting your therapy
  • Immediate evaluation by one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists
  • If needed, we can refer for X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds directly through our Nurse Practitioner. This process would normally take weeks or months—we do it all the same day.

Other benefits of our team approach include less waiting time and a prompt start to therapy, fewer hospital visits, less miscommunication with one care facility, better outcomes with a collaborative multidisciplinary clinic, and cost-effectiveness.

Medical Grade Equipment

Dr. Rich leads our medical supply service. If your injury leaves you needing a little extra help, we can acquire medical grade supporting braces, orthotics, compression socks, and
more. The best part? Third party insurance typically covers these items!

Therapy to Address Your Needs

Our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists are trained to manage any injury, from
pre-surgery to post-surgery, and everything in between. Using the latest research, we incorporate cutting-edge technology and equipment to get you back to living the life you love. And if we can’t help, our Nurse Practitioner will refer you to a specialist that can help.

Discover What Focused Care Can Do

Contact our practice to learn more about our team approach to care, and how it might help you. Call us today or email us:

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