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Shoulder Impingement Treatment in Ottawa

man grabs shoulder in painShoulder impingement syndromes can be debilitating, causing pain and limited mobility. Our clinic’s expert chiropractors and physiotherapists specialize in effectively managing various types of shoulder injuries, including shoulder impingement syndromes.

We believe that our success in treating these conditions stems from our thorough approach to identifying the specific type of impingement:


Primary impingement occurs when one of the rotator cuffs becomes pinched between the head of the humerus (arm bone) and the acromion (scapula) or structures near the top and front part of the shoulder. Bone spurs and other bony anomalies can also contribute to this type of impingement.


Secondary impingement is often a result of shoulder blade instability. Due to poor stability, certain parts of the shoulder blade move in abnormal directions, leading to the pinching of tendons and similar structures, much like primary impingement.


Posterior impingement differs from the previous types as symptoms are typically felt in the back of the shoulder. This discomfort is usually experienced when lifting and rotating the shoulder backward, similar to the position just before throwing a ball or object.

Realistic Expectations for Recovery

The progress you can expect depends on the specific type of impingement you’re experiencing. Our clinic’s seasoned therapists prioritize accurate diagnosis, setting the stage for realistic expectations. After your initial consultation, you will observe noticeable improvements in most straightforward scenarios.

Offering Many Natural Therapies

Our dedicated professionals are equipped with various therapies designed to effectively manage shoulder impingement. Working together, our physiotherapists and chiropractors use various techniques, including

    • Acupuncture Therapy

Targeted at the affected rotator cuff muscles, acupuncture therapy can help alleviate pain and promote healing.

    • Scapular Stability Training

For cases of secondary impingement, scapular stability training is crucial. By focusing on improving shoulder blade stability, we aim to reduce pinching and promote proper shoulder movement.

Strengthening exercises specifically target the tendons affected by impingement. These exercises help improve tendon strength and promote overall shoulder stability.

    • Joint Manipulation

Joint manipulation techniques can assist in realigning the shoulder joint, reducing impingement, and improving mobility.

In cases where calcification of tendons is present, shockwave therapy may be recommended. This non-invasive treatment option helps break down calcifications and stimulates healing.

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