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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Care in Ottawa

bent knees with bones showing

Irritation and inflammation of the joint between the kneecap and the structures behind it can cause an extremely common condition known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Usually presented as generalized knee pain, it is important to identify the source of PFPS and take a targeted approach to rehabilitation.

Let our experienced team at Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation diagnose and care for your knee pain. We focus on the cause of the condition, as we know that patellofemoral pain syndrome can often result from issues with the ankles and/or hips.

We Discover Your Injury’s Origin and Build a Plan

Our assessment will identify which body part may be involved in creating the stress that is causing your ongoing pain. We locate where the discomfort originates, which is usually the patellofemoral joint, tibiofemoral joint, or meniscus and surrounding tissues.

PFPS can be aggravated by certain activities, such as ascending and descending stairs, walking uphill or downhill, and sometimes even sitting with your knees bent. Your ability to share your experience is helpful as we pinpoint the problem and build you a custom plan that solves it.

Targeting the Mechanism of Your Injury With a Dual Solution

Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we move forward with rehabilitation through targeted care that seeks to bring you back to complete health. We will likely combine therapy with focused exercises at our Ottawa office.

Focused exercises are essential to healing, as the patellofemoral joint usually becomes problematic from overloading due to improper mechanics. To truly correct the issue, we must address the faulty movements through exercises like stabilizing ankle drills, strengthening exercises, or hip-focused procedures.

With targeted therapy, we can use various methods to lower the sensation of pain, improve tissue function, and decrease tension. Techniques include soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, cupping, or joint manipulation.

Ready to Put Pain in Your Past?

Contact our Ottawa office for an appointment and take that first step toward relief.



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