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Ottawa Health Team at the PGA Tour Canada

pga-canada-groupDuring the week of July 17th – 23rd, Ottawa was hosting the PGA Tour Canada at Eagle Creek Golf Club. This week-long tournament was named The Commissionaires Ottawa Open and was created in support of Soldier On, a program created by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) which contributes to the recovery of ill and injured CAF members and veterans.

Our very own Dr. Rich Raigoza, Dr. Christine Rad and Dr. Stephanie Hemstock represented Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation as the proud partner therapists for this PGA Canada tournament. Their expertise in movement dysfunction and rehabilitation was a fundamental part of the player’s well-being and success.

Stats of the week:

41 professional PGA golfers were attended
109 treatments were provided
Over 50 hours of on-site therapy offered during the week

See what the athletes had to say:

“Dr. Christine Rad amazingly eliminated my low back pain and restored my neck mobility. Her expertise made me feel comfortable and allowed her to do her job with precision. I hope to see her again!”
Mason Glinski

“I’m a Professional Golfer and this was game changing for me prior to my tournament! Was helpful in every regard! Thank you!”
Chase Sienkiewicz

“It was an amazing experience! Great work and felt my body lot better after the session”
Cao David

“Dr. Stephanie Hemstock was fabulous. I like how she works with the muscles first before doing any chiropractic adjustment. I was dealing with some tightness in my right shoulder and neck as well as tendonitis in my thumb. She didn’t cut any corners to any of the concerns I had, and she made sure to talk to me about what she was noticing as she worked on the troubled areas. Very thankful for her!”
Josh Radcliff

For all your healthcare needs, our PGA trusted therapists are ready to help!

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