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Maintenance & Prevention in Ottawa

woman strengthening with therapy bandsMaintenance and prevention don’t have to be a monotonous cycle. At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we redefine this approach, offering a fresh perspective on proactive health care while addressing various symptoms.

Prevent Your Symptoms From Starting or Progressing

There are a variety of reasons that our patients engage in our preventative services. Some of our most satisfied patients are those who come in regularly for therapy as a proactive measure. We help them lower the risk of triggering a bout of pain and can provide ongoing relief for those who struggle with chronic discomfort.

For athletes, proactive care and ongoing physical support can lead to optimal performance in competitive environments. Similarly, those entering a new season of life, which has historically triggered certain ailments, may come in for an appointment.

Proactive care can be helpful in managing a stressful period of work or school. Plus, at Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we can handle symptom-based complaints that lead to preventative care, including a new injury or ailment and the start of new pain triggers.

Maintain Your Health with Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

With maintenance, we offer chiropractic care and physiotherapy. Both include targeted therapy and tailored recommendations based on your individual needs and aligned with your objectives.

In chiropractic maintenance, we use adjustments to correct imbalances, fix joint restrictions, and relieve many other physical limitations. We may also give you a stretching routine to support a newly introduced activity or show you an exercise that is aimed at restoring balance to your posture.

Meanwhile, physiotherapy maintenance focuses on progressing your physical abilities, regardless of age. We understand that as our bodies grow older, new problems may arise. Our physiotherapists help you prepare for these changes and make adjustments as you participate on your own time. Our team modifies previous exercise prescriptions and incorporates new drills to further stimulate your body for continued health and gains.

Take the First Step Toward Health Today

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