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ACL Rehabilitation in Ottawa

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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is an incredibly important structure stabilizing your knee. Across North America, the risk of injuring this ligament is high—in the United States alone, there are about 250,000 ACL ruptures per year [1]!

If you need ACL rehabilitation, Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation has you covered from start to finish. We take care of everything from diagnosing the severity of the injury to creating effective therapy and recovery plans for you to get back to optimal health and performance.

Our Experts Diagnose ACL Injuries with Precision

The main function of the ACL is to prevent the “shin” bone, also known as the tibia, from shifting forward in relation to the thigh bone or “femur.” ACL injury can occur, and significant rehabilitation may be necessary even without completely rupturing the ligament.

Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation can help you determine if you have suffered an ACL injury and give you the steps you need to take for complete recovery. If any of the following apply to you, we invite you to visit our Ottawa office to get examined for an ACL injury as soon as possible.

  • Did an injury occur by accelerating/decelerating while the knee caved inwards?
  • Did you hear a sound or did it feel like something “popped” in the knee?
  • Was there swelling within 2 hours of a knee injury?

Stretching knee treatment

We Take the Time for Thorough Evaluation

Our team takes evaluating injuries very seriously. We collect all necessary measurements, ask pertinent questions, and may do some simple tests to inform our diagnosis.

If you have suffered an incomplete ACL tear, our initial care options will revolve around pain management. A complete ACL tear is more complicated and may lead to surgery, but that is not always the case.

Getting You Back to Your Optimal Health

With the focus on pain relief for incomplete ACL tears, we may initially suggest resting and icing your knee. In addition, we usually provide electro-acupuncture as early as possible to decrease swelling and decrease pain.

Once we control your discomfort and swelling, we move on to rehabilitation options that will focus on stabilizing your knee joint via targeted exercises. This manual and physical therapy stage will likely include ankle and hip drills to help you maintain or regain proper functionality in your knees.

Complete ACL tears may initially require knee joint stabilization using a brace. We offer MRI imaging requisitions and can give you a professional consultation with an orthopedic surgeon on your candidacy for surgery. Not everyone is a candidate or opts for surgery; in many cases, even these severe injuries can be managed without surgery

Whatever road you take, we can guide you through a successful rehabilitation process using evidence-based protocols developed to promote quick and efficient recovery.

Start the Recovery Process Today

Our team works with you throughout the process of ACL rehabilitation, from diagnosis and care to providing prescriptions and necessary documentation for you to bill your insurance. (Most private insurance companies in Ottawa will cover the cost of the brace).

If you’ve suffered a knee injury, contact us today to book an appointment!

1Filbay, S. R., & Grindem, H. (2019). Evidence-based recommendations for the management of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology, 33(1), 33-47.

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