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Physiotherapy Treatments Ottawa

Physiotherapists use movement, exercises, manual therapy, and education to restore proper function to the body. In addition to treating specific ailments, your physiotherapist can recommend lifestyle changes and other methods to improve your general well-being.

physiotherapist helping patient

Get Back to Being YOU

Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of conditions. This includes back and neck pain, sprains and strains, arthritis, bursitis, workplace and sports injuries, posture problems, and more. Our physiotherapists also work to rehabilitate clients by working to restore normal body function after motor vehicle accidents, certain types of surgeries and after the removal of casts.

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing. The core skills used by physiotherapists include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release, electrotherapy (electrical muscle stimulation), hydrotherapy (water therapy), massage, dry needling, and education on injury rehabilitation and prevention. Many physiotherapists are also trained in acupuncture. At all times, the patient is an active participant in their own care.

Physiotherapy and Your Overall Health

Soft tissue release is a very effective technique used to treat muscle, tendon and fascial pain due to injury, prolonged sitting, repetitive/overuse injuries, arthritis and postural dysfunction. Many conditions—such as low back pain, sciatica, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches, shoulder strain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome—can benefit from soft tissue release. Soft tissue release is a combination of myofascial release, massage and stretching that helps to decrease pain, increase circulation, rearrange muscle fibres, lengthen muscles and surrounding fascia, and break down scar tissue. This results in faster healing, improved mobility, improved muscle function, injury prevention and improved performance.

Patients can be educated on how to perform soft tissue release on themselves at home. This technique can be performed before a workout, sport or activity to prepare muscles, or after a workout, sport or other activity as part of a cool-down routine. It can also be done throughout the day whenever muscles feel tight and sore.

Physiotherapy can improve quality of life by optimizing mobility and physical activity, maintaining functional independence, and managing chronic and serious conditions and limitations. With their extensive knowledge of movement sciences, physiotherapists seek to enhance or regain function of affected areas of the body. In addition to treating specific ailments, they can recommend general changes and methods to improve your general well-being.

Physiotherapists value health, quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, private clinics and home care. With ongoing clinical research, physiotherapists continue to develop new techniques for the whole body to prevent and treat injuries and disorders.

Special Services We Offer

Some physiotherapists are trained to offer special services including dry needling and the Graston technique. These added skills of the physiotherapist can optimize treatment outcomes for the client.

Dry needling is an intramuscular stimulation with a needle to induce muscular twitches, stimulate a contract–relax response, to create micro-tears in the tissue in order to bring blood and healing cells into the injured and/or tense tissue. The overall goal is to speed healing.

The Graston technique is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that uses stainless steel instruments to detect muscular lesions and connective tissue adhesions to allow more effective localization and treatment of these areas.

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