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Orthotics Services Ottawa

Orthotics are a range of products that help adjust or support the foot to correct the foot’s structure and improve function and alignment. Some people may think that only athletes need custom foot orthotics. The truth is, orthotics can help anyone who is struggling with foot, knee, hip or back problems.

Traumatic injuries are just one of the most common causes of foot pain. Other causes include long-distance running, wearing unsupportive or ill-fitting shoes, arthritis, age-related issues, bunions and calluses, weight gain and obesity, pregnancy, neurological disorders and certain medications. Comfortable, supportive footwear that fits properly is the most important step in ensuring good foot health.


close-up of person's shoes as they climb stairs

Common Orthotics

Orthotics may come in the form of insoles, heel cups, or another type of support, depending on the need. There are cheaper, general-use types of orthotics that can be purchased from retail stores or pharmacies. However, custom-made orthotics are fitted specifically to help address individualized issues. Custom orthotics are created using a computerized scan that analyzes gait and pressure to identify abnormalities. Using this scan, a customized orthotic can be designed to help balance and correct each foot individually. There are a variety of different orthotics available, which come in an array of thicknesses and lengths. The materials used can also be customized to create orthotics that are rigid or flexible, depending on your needs.

Get Back to Being YOU

Customized orthotics can help relieve symptoms and treat conditions by controlling, limiting, or assisting in the movement of an extremity or joint. For example, custom orthotics can assist in the movement of an extremity or joint and protect body parts as they heal from fractures after a cast is removed. They can also help by reducing the amount of weight being placed on a certain part of the foot or body and correct the shape and function of the body part, making movement easier and pain-free. An orthotic can also assist in shock absorption, stabilization, and protection of the foot.

Several conditions can be responsible for pain or discomfort in your feet, knees, hips and back. Some of the conditions that can be helped by orthotics include Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, bunions and calluses, claw toes and hammertoes, diabetes, excessive pronation or supination, flat feet and fallen arches, discrepancies between leg lengths, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and sports injuries.

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