Prevention and Rehabilitation

Prevention and Rehabilitation in Ottawa, ON

As is the case with most problems, health issues should be handled via proactivity and preventive care. Prevention undoubtedly outweighs cure in terms of cost, convenience, and time efficiency. It’s simply easier and cheaper to prevent a problem than it is to treat one.

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we’re passionate about empowering our patients to avoid common health problems. Whether you’re grappling with age-related health concerns or the aftermath of a sedentary lifestyle, we’re here to offer you tailored prevention and rehabilitation in Ottawa, ON.

As is standard practice with all our therapies, our prevention and rehabilitation programs’ primary goal is to return you to excellent health safely, naturally, and non-invasively.

Our Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs

Our prevention program aims at preventing the occurrence of pain. It focuses on building your strength, enhancing your movement capabilities, and ensuring your body can withstand everyday pressures. This program is excellent if you’re looking to beat age-related movement limitations or return to athletics after a hiatus. We also recommend the prevention program for anyone looking to improve their health holistically.

Have you recently experiencing an injury that has left you with limited motion? Our rehabilitation program is carefully designed to help you overcome dysfunction and return to your optimal form.

What to Expect

We take time to define our patients’ needs in order to craft tailored treatment plans that meet their goals and exceed their expectations.

Our health professionals collaborate across the board and synergize their different skills, expertise and experience to guarantee patient satisfaction.

Our prevention and rehabilitation programs incorporate various modalities and techniques, all of which are safe, non-invasive and highly effective. Some of the therapies included in our programs include manual therapy, nutritional counselling, naturopathic remedies, chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy.

Are you tired of experiencing pain and feeling exhausted all the time? You may be overdue for prevention and rehabilitation in Ottawa, ON. Remember, the longer you ignore a serious problem, the worse it gets.

Get in touch with Ottawa Health today to fix your current health challenges while also preventing future difficulties.

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