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How Ottawans Can Navigate Post-Surgery Recovery With Physiotherapy

woman knee bend by therapistWhether you had a complicated procedure like ACL reconstruction or a more common operation arising from a workplace injury or auto accident, physiotherapy is an essential part of post-surgery recovery.

“I would argue that physiotherapy after surgery is just as essential as getting the surgery. Typically, post-surgical patients are not going to be better right away. So they need anywhere from mild to extensive physio, depending on the type of surgery,” said Taofiq Aziz, Registered Physiotherapist at Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation.

The Role of Physiotherapy After Surgery

If you had surgery due to a workplace injury or a motor vehicle accident, proper rehab afterwards is essential because it helps strengthen the ligaments, bones and muscles and accelerate the healing process.

Engaging in physiotherapy shortly after surgery can lead to quicker recovery, helping you return to physical activity or sport, regardless of the nature of the surgery. It can also help reduce pain and swelling of the joints and increase the range of motion, which can often be stiff initially.

The Acute Phase: The First Step

In the early and acute stages of post-surgery recovery, the use of gentle stretching, joint mobilization, modalities like ICMP, acupuncture, and soft tissue release or deep tissue massage can be extremely helpful in controlling pain. These initial stages primarily focus on reducing discomfort and swelling and improving range of motion.

Moving Towards Functional Goals

Beyond the acute stage, the focus of physiotherapy shifts towards function-related goals. The objectives include increasing muscle strength and joint stability and developing endurance, strength, and power. These stages involve incorporating the learned techniques into more functional movements, thus preparing the patient to return to their daily activities or sports.

Long-Term Physiotherapy for Continued Health

Even after the initial recovery period, we recommend that people continue physiotherapy to ensure the joints and muscles stay strong and protected. Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk of re-injury and the need for further surgeries.

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