What You Need to Know About Orthotics in Ottawa

What You Need to Know About Orthotics in Ottawa

August 1, 2021

Your feet support your entire spine structure and ensure proper spinal health. They maintain good posture and ensure your mobility is flexible. If you don’t wear a fitting shoe, your feet might have no proper alignment, and your body is exposed to strain.

Getting orthotics near you can help restore your limb alignment. You can have prefabricated orthotics in managing your spinal or musculoskeletal problems. Orthotics provide support and realign your feet’ structure, preventing muscle strain and fatigue.

What is the Role of Orthotics in Chiropractic care?

Your chiropractor assesses your condition and determines the ideal custom orthotics to meet your personalized needs. When identifying your knee pain, an evaluation of your entire foot, hip, lower back, or ankle is done.

Custom orthotics can aid in suppressing pain associated with the lower back, knee, hip, ankle, or foot. Your specialist analyzes your movement and provides you with a suitable treatment plan.

If you have a foot dysfunction, your pain might not originate from your foot but other body parts. The orthotics near you can enable your limb to function normally and alleviate your pain. You can undergo various therapeutic options and an assessment of your movement to ensure you find adequate treatment.

When to Consider Orthotics

It’s crucial to visit your orthotics doctor if you experience severe or intermittent pain in your limbs. Early diagnosis and treatment are ideal in preventing further complications and pain. If you face chronic foot or heel discomfort, the pain may spread to your lower back, hips, and neck over time. You should seek orthotics treatment and avoid participating in high-impact sporting activities that may lead to further injuries or pain.

Dr. Rich Raigoza may recommend orthotics treatment if you’ve gained sudden weight due to pregnancy and your feet experience impact or stress. It’s vital to seek treatment if you notice pain in your heels or feet or you’ve been diagnosed with chronic pain. Orthotics treatment offsets your symptoms and alleviates pain to enable your feet to function routinely and optimally.

What Makes You Eligible for orthotics?

Orthotics can be an ideal treatment plan for you in addressing various issues. Discomfort on your limbs may compel you to undergo orthotics treatment. Below is the vital role of your treatment plan:

  • It minimizes the risk of facing further injuries
  • You find support to your ankle
  • Correcting your feet deformities
  • Enabling your ankle or foot to function properly

A chiropractor near you may recommend you to undergo orthotics treatment since they are customized to fit perfectly on your feet. The customized inserts are ideal and practical for addressing your issues. The device helps correct your deformity, enhance alignment, reduce pain, protect an injury, and enhance mobility.

What to Expect When Visiting Your Chiropractor

At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, we assess your feet to determine whether prefabricated orthotics can suit your needs. If you’ve faced physical injury and have structural deformities, your chiropractor may refer you to a podiatrist who’ll manage your condition.

The underlying source of your pain determines the types of orthotics that suit you. Your chiropractor evaluates various therapeutic options to ensure your pain is manageable. Specialists may prescribe prefabricated foot orthotics if you have lower back pain to address pain associated with your ankles, hips, knee, and your lower back. Once you visit our chiropractic doctor in Ottawa, you’ll benefit from prefabricated orthotics and find relief.

Orthotics balance and support your feet, enabling your spine to have optimal balance. Undertaking both orthotics and chiropractic care minimizes your pain and ensures you find relief. Back pain can be chronic and may affect your normal functioning. If you are experiencing back pain or discomfort on your limbs, orthotics and chiropractic care can enable you to find quick healing.

Medication may have side effects and short-lived pain relief. Foot orthotics can address your underlying issues permanently, and orthotics can be a viable treatment option if you have limb problems. Your orthotics doctor may recommend suitable types of orthotics based on your conditions, and personalized treatment will ensure you find complete restoration.