An Overview of Physiotherapy Treatments in Ottawa

An Overview of Physiotherapy Treatments in Ottawa

July 6, 2021

When it comes to taking care of your body, it is not just about ensuring you are not nursing a wound. Whether or not you are in pain, caring for your health entails so much more. Sometimes all the care you need is to ensure that your entire body is functioning optimally. However, life often gets in the way, and you may not always be feeling great. For example, after an injury, your body may not move and function like it used to. This is where treatments like physiotherapy come into play.

Physiotherapy is one of those pro-health solutions that help improve the functioning of your body, all while causing relaxation. Many of the activities and techniques entailed in physiotherapy treatments alleviate pain, improve posture, promote mobility, and generally boost your body’s performance and productivity.

What Is Physiotherapy Treatment?

It is also known as physical therapy. It features a range of medically approved physical activities performed to engage the different parts of the body for optimal functionality. The treatments focus on boosting mobility of ligaments and restoring body function where it has lacked for a while.

Physiotherapy near you is the kind of treatment you seek when you feel like your body parts have been underperforming. Often, patients of physiotherapy treatments are those trying to recover from major accidents and injuries. The treatment in such cases helps retrain the body regarding movement and other levels of functionality. This is why physiotherapy in Ottawa, ON helps treat and manage injuries, diseases, and body disorders through physical methods.

What Does Physiotherapy Entail?

​Dr. Christine Rad spends time talking to patients about the different approaches used in physiotherapy, as there is no one-fits-all approach to these treatments. Depending on the reason you need physiotherapy, there will be many physical activities employed in ​Ottawa Health Performance and Rehabilitation for your quick recovery. In essence, each treatment will be tailored to your particular need. The types of physiotherapy treatments are:

  • Manual therapies – these are mostly the kinds of treatments chiropractors offer. They include techniques like spinal manipulation, joint manipulation, stretching, to mention a few.
  • Physical exercise – they are not similar to the random body exercises people do in the gym or at home. The exercise programs in physiotherapy are customized to specifically meet a certain need. They include posture re-training, muscle strengthening exercises, cardiovascular training, to mention a few.
  • Electrotherapies – this approach involves using machines to impact your body. Common types of electrotherapies include ultrasounds, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), laser therapy, to mention a few.

Who Benefits from Physiotherapy?

Rehabilitation centers have physicians ready to offer physiotherapy treatments to anyone. However, the particular people who need these treatments often suffer from any of the following health issues:

  • Traumatic injury or accident – when you have suffered an accident, physiotherapy will help you recover the functionality of your body after you have healed from the wounds thereof.
  • Post-surgery patients – after major surgery, you may need physiotherapy to retrain your body to function properly.
  • Back pain problems – this can be due to an underlying chronic condition, or simply overworking your back due to adverse working conditions.
  • Athletes – although you do not necessarily need an injury as an athlete, physical therapy is still beneficial for you. The sporting activities can stretch and pull your body in all the wrong way. Physiotherapy can help alleviate the tension in your muscles and reduce the pain areas caused by the wrong technique when sporting.
  • Overweight people – when your weight is higher than it should be for your height, you will have many problems that affect the proper functioning of your body. For obese patients, even standing up or moving is problematic. Part of your healthy weight loss journey, therefore, should include physiotherapy.
  • Bad posture – people who spend a lot of time on their screens often tend to have poor postures that affect their spinal alignment. Physical therapy can help improve your posture significantly.


Given how much physiotherapy can impact your life, you must be particular about the physician performing the treatments. Ensure your physician is experienced and licensed, particularly regarding the underlying problem you want so they can offer you a holistic approach to your treatment.