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YOU are our number one priority at Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation

Our care revolves around three pillars which we believe are essential for you to receive the BEST up-to-date care available:

Patient-centered approach

We work within your boundaries of comfort and beliefs. All of our treatment plans are catered to you based on your preferences. At Ottawa Health: Performance and Rehabilitation, you will never be pressured to do or commit to something you are not comfortable with.

The best available scientific research

We take pride in our ability to utilize evidence-based, non-pharmacological treatments for neuro-muscular-skeletal conditions. Our approaches take into account scientific evidence shown to maximize progress and recovery.

Our clinical experience

With over 100 years of combined clinical experience, our practitioners have seen just about everything. We aim to provide you with the care you deserve, but in the case where the condition is out of our control, we will be sure to find the appropriate professional that can help.

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Our Philosophy

“He who treats the site of pain is lost” – Dr. Karel Lewit

This quote beautifully illustrates our philosophy surrounding the management and recovery from pain or dysfunction. Just as important as the physical sensation of pain, is the relationship between our minds and body. This is known as the “Biopsychosocial Model of Pain. This approach encompasses the well-understood components of living with pain:

  • Our psychological well-being
  • Our social support system
  • Our physical health

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