Message to Doctors from Keenan Health Centre

Collaborative Health Care

Keenan Health Centre is committed to being an integral part of each patient’s health care team through excellent communication and collaboration.

Message to Doctors

It is our belief at Keenan Health Centre that patients benefit tremendously when we collaborate fully with their family physician and all other members of their health care team.

Keenan Health Centre strongly believes that family physicians should be informed on all facets of their patient’s health care. We strive to keep our patient’s physicians fully informed. As a team, Keenan Health Centre provides medical reports, and when necessary, urgent notes and phone calls to physicians to assist our patients in receiving medical care when urgency is required. We strongly believe that a collaborative and informed healthcare approach is what is best for our patients.

Our clinic is the location of Ottawa’s only chiropractic specialist in occupational health, rehabilitation and pain management. Dr. Carlan Stants’ extensive education and training gives him the expertise to assist health care professionals with patients who have complex neuromusculoskeletal conditions. He does this by providing thorough examinations and clinical second opinions. He is the consultant on spinal and musculoskeletal health for the Champlain LHIN and is a frequent consultant to chiropractors and patients in the Ottawa region.

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“Thank you Dr Dirk Keenan and your team for the excellent care you are providing me since 2012, when I was referred to you. My lower back and my knees are under perfect care, my spine is aligned and I feel energized – it is great to have no pain!”


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Ontario’s Chiropractor of the Year Award Recipient 2016 – Awarded by the Ontario Chiropractic Association.