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Wellness is an approach to healthcare that seeks to prevent conditions and illnesses through lifestyle choices. It is characterized by achieving a balance that mitiagtes stressors for mind and body to improve quality of life and health.

Corporate Wellness

The Corporate Wellness Program is an Ottawa-based program that brings health education, nutritional education and support, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and naturopathic medicine to companies of all types.

Primarily on-site with our doctors leading the charge, we are a one-stop shop for all your corporate health needs. The practitioners provide Lunch & Learn Seminars to employees at no cost to the employer. These are structured to teach and provide informed strategies to prevent expensive and avoidable health issues. The Corporate Wellness program inspires true engagement and will lead to happier, healthier and less stressed employees.

This program is designed to boost employee morale and company loyalty, reduce absenteeism and improve recruitment and retention. It reduces the employers cost for healthcare, creates healthier and happier employees, and improves productivity and efficiency. This in turn leads to an optimistic and positive workplace attitude and increased energy in the workplace.

The Corporate Wellness Program was created to help employers improve their workplace. Alarming facts about wellness in the workplace fuels the desire to make this program available to help local business stay on track. It is reported that unscheduled employee absences cost 8.7% of payroll annually (Mercer), whereas employees that report a high degree of stress with balancing work and family life miss twice as many days of work per year than those who do not (Conference Board of Canada). It was noted that 45% of employees would stay at their jobs longer because of wellness programs, and 40% feel such programs encourage them to work harder and perform better (Principal Financial Group’s 2009 Well-Being Index). Employers pay 28% more for healthcare than they did 5 years ago, and employees are paying 40% more (Towers Watson 2010 Health Care Cost Survey). It is highly noted that 77 of the top 100 employers in Canada have a structured wellness program in place (Medisys Health Group).

The Corporate Wellness Program provides a no-cost comprehensive wellness program which includes bimonthly Lunch & Learn health talks, bimonthly wellness newsletters, priority booking for employees, in addition to employer and employee incentives. Sample seminar topics include: Natural Approaches to Preventing Neck & Back Pain, Advanced Nutrition to Improve Immunity from Colds and Flues, Freedom from Headaches and Stress, Sitting vs Smoking – New Strategies to Improve Your Posture, and How to Harness 10 Times More Energy Now.

For more information about our Corporate Wellness program, contact Dr. Dirk Keenan 613-728-9414.

“I initially went to see Dr Kennan after a very busy season at my floral shop that left me literally flat on my back… Within a few days my pain subsided and I was able to continue with my day-to-day work.”

~ Margit Lauton

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"...I've been to a lot of chiropractors, following a car accident 14 years ago, and he is hands down the best I've been to. I would feel good recommending Dr. Keenan to anyone."